“Our daughter had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a couple of years and grappling with how and whether to pursue gender reassignment. Tim referred us to a nationally known center of excellence with the therapists and other healthcare providers who are able to help us. We’re so grateful our daughter has been able to stay in college and is doing well. “

“ Due to his bi-polar disorder not being treated effectively, our 22 year old son was not able to go to college, was unable to maintain steady work and had few friends. His only social outlet was working out. We’re so grateful that Tim helped us find a psychiatrist who did a thorough assessment, discontinued all prior medications and has our son on a regimen that gave him the ability to apply for a job working at a local gym!”

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Mental Health Challenges among Children and Adolescents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In June, 2021, The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that many children and teens have been experiencing a significant increase in mental health challenges and that children of color, LGBTQ+ young people and younger children have been particularly impacted. (1) The report posits that there may be a number of contributing factors, including, but not limited […]

The Need for Improved Access to Care Among Youth

A February, 2022 article in World Psychiatry indicates that young people have been experiencing a disproportionately greater level of mental health outcomes since the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic. (1)  This includes 74% reporting their mental health has gotten worse during this time. (2, 3) Mental health concerns are a largely ignored problem and […]

The Manifesto is a Helpful Framework for Finding Healthcare in the LGBTQ+ Community

Having been in healthcare for over 30 years as a clinician and working for four health plans, I am fortunate enough to have had exposure to a very broad network of healthcare professionals and have a deep understanding of healthcare systems and structures.  I have also been an out gay man for that entire time.